In 2016, Barcelona revealed a sustainable urban mobility plan for the city. By taking back 70% of street space from vehicles for pedestrians and cyclists in certain areas, they could be transformed into mixed-use public spaces, or “superblocks”


Kids can now join in the eMobility revolution, with Bosch the latest company to release a child-focused e-nnovation: the eStroller, or electric pram. Article in German language.

‘orrible Oil

New research says that the economics of renewable energy make it impossible for oil to compete at current prices. The future is not looking bright for the fossil fuel, according to a new report that claims the commodity would have to be priced at $10-$20 a barrel to remain competitive as a transport fuel.

3 – The Magic Number

After analysis of more than 50 million car trips, 48% of these journeys in the most congested U.S. metro areas are under 3 miles. If just a small amount of those trips were replaced by shared bikes and scooters, cities would experience less congestion, less emissions and a boost to the local economy.


Still think of air-taxis as Sci-fi? Check out video footage of these trial flights from eHang to help settle your flying nerves.


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