Welcome one and all to this week’s breakdown of EV in the news – The Friday Five! This week, we talk about some of the growing issues faced in cities worldwide. Are cars taking up too much space? How are public transport systems adopting green technology? Well, why not relax, take a break, and enjoy our weekly run-down of EV. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the news.


  1. Making Room

Have you ever considered just how much space parked cars take up? In some cities, 50-60 percent of downtown surface area is occupied by parking spaces. What a waste! As we look towards the future, with a likely shift toward shared, on-demand, and public transportation, the need for parking space will go down and give cities around the world the chance to create all new urban spaces.


  1. Move Over, Tesla

When Tesla released the Model S, a big selling point was their Supercharger network which was meant to make charging fast and easy. At the time, they were the most advanced publically available. Now, though, new EV chargers from Porsche and Electrify America aim to fully charge a car battery in under 15 minutes. Competition is really heating up in the EV market.


  1. Buses Go Green!

Public transportation accounts for a massive piece of the oil market. Unfortunately, most trains and buses remain gas powered. In the last few years though, electric buses have become so popular that they’re noticeably decreasing global oil demand.  This is great news for the environment and the future of electric mobility!


  1. Save the Planet, and Your Wallet Too!

One big selling point of electric vehicles is that they’re cheaper to run. Simply put, electricity costs less that gas. How much less? In the US today, one gallon of gas is 2.3 times more expensive than the equivalent electricity. With gas growing more scarce every day, now is the time to go green!


  1. Unlock Your City: Rome

You may have heard of Rome, Italy. It’s kind of famous for being the center of the largest empire in history. All these years later and it’s still one of the most magnificent cities in the world! Around every corner you can find a world class restaurant, beautiful architecture, a thousand-year-old historical landmark, or a sharp-dressed Roman. It’s a city of mysterious winding alleys and streets packed with activity. It’s the scooter-rider’s paradise!

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