Although 2021 flew by, our NIU dealers around the world were hard at work the whole year! We dedicate this list to their successes, as it shines a light on the best local scooter dealers in 2021 who really raced to the front.

The NIU dealer network continues to expand globally as more riders around the world begin to #MakeLifeElectric! Our dealers offer convenient service and friendly support in an increasing number of neighborhoods worldwide.

The NIU Dealer Awards 2021 celebrates these local scooter dealers as they continue to redefine urban mobility. These awards are based on sales, growth, community building, customer service, user choice, and more.

Prepare to give a round of applause for these champions…


NIU Dealer Awards banner

Best Dealer

NIU Flagship Milan with NIU Scooters outside
Best Dealer 2021: NIU Flagship Milan

They are the best all-around NIU dealer of 2021. Community building, marketing, service, sales — they are truly a one-stop scooter shop! They have risen to the top of the best local scooter dealers thanks to their dedication and hard work.

Drumroll, please! The Best Dealer Award of 2021 is for…

NIU Flagship Milan (Italy)!

Two years in a row! Well done NIU Flagship Milan team!

A big thanks to our runner-up candidates for the Best Dealer Award: NIU Premium Store: OTR Service (Netherlands) and NIU Flagship Bristol (UK)!


Best Seller

NIU Flagship London from the outside
Best Seller 2021: NIU Flagship London

When it comes to vehicles, this next dealer really knows what our customers are looking for in a scooter. The Best Seller Award asks a simple question: who sold the most scooters in 2021? They help the most customers leave our store, smiling on their brand-new scooter.

That award goes to none other than:

NIU Flagship London (UK)!

Yes, another year at the top of sales for NIU Flagship London! Fantastic work, team!

NIU Flagship Milan (Italy) once again remains in a strong position, with NIU Premium Store: Dyad (Canada) close behind!


Best Overall Growth

Litio Mobilta logo
Best Overall Growth 2021: Litio Mobilita

For the Best Overall Growth category, the only direction this NIU dealer knows is up, up, and up! This dealer increased their sales by leaps and bounds, more than any other store compared to 2020. You might say they know how to “eat their vegetables”, based on all the growth they’ve had.

This year’s Best Overall Growth Award is given to:

NIU Premium Store: Litio Mobilita (Italy)!

Great job! We hope you continue to see amazing success in your business!

Two more dealers who really challenged themselves this year are NIU Premium Store: Scooterhelden Berlin (Germany) and NIU Flagship Genova (Italy)!


Best Accessories Seller

Motos Bordoy interior
Best Accessories Seller 2021: NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy

Dedicated NIU riders know that the finding the right accessories is key. Whether they need scooter accessories to bundle up for winter or to enjoy a breezy summer ride, this next dealer gives the people what they want.

The Best Accessories Seller Award in 2021 goes to…

NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy (Spain)!

Our hats, gloves, and helmets are off to the team at Motos Bordoy for their excellent work!

Other outstanding accessorizers include NIU Flagship Edinburgh (UK) and NIU Flagship Lisbon (Portugal)!


Best Test Drive Recruiter

NIU Flagship Lisbon showroom
Best Test Drive Recruiter 2021: NIU Flagship Lisbon

Seeing and feeling is believing, and test driving a NIU is no exception to that rule. The Best Test Drive Recruiter has been hard at work putting people in the rider’s seat this year so they can see and feel for themselves!

That’s why the 2021 Best Test Drive Recruiter Award goes to…

NIU Flagship Lisbon (Portugal)!

Congratulations to NIU Flagship Lisbon for exciting new riders to give NIU a try!

We also have two great noteworthy test drive recruiters to check out: NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy (Spain) and NIU Premium Store: Vertical eMobility (Austria)!


Best Marketing Initiative

NIU FLagship Edinburgh signage
Best Marketing Initiative 2021: NIU Flagship Edinburgh

Creativity and marketing are hand in hand for this local scooter dealer. They captivate their local audience and put the spotlight on what makes NIU scooters so great!

The Best Marketing Initiative for 2021 is awarded to…

NIU Flagship Edinburgh (UK)!

You passed your marketing test with flying colors, NIU Flagship Edinburgh!

What would marketing be without some competition? Be sure to check out NIU Flagship Porto (Portugal) and NIU Flagship Malaga (Spain)!


Best Community Builder


NIU Stockholm cruise
Best Community Builder 2021: NIU Flagship Stockholm

NIU Club is at the core of what we do. Whether online or offline, this local scooter dealer can rally the Club and connect with their riders naturally.

The Best Community Builder Award belongs to…

NIU Flagship Stockholm (Sweden)!

Another year at the top for the NIU Flagship Stockholm team! Well done building a strong bond with your community!

Additionally, we want to recognize the following stores for their efforts in community building: NIU Flagship Milan (Italy) and NIU Premium Store: Hull (UK)!


Best Showroom

NIU Flagship Bergamo exterior
Best Showroom 2021: NIU Flagship Bergamo

When you walk into a NIU dealer as a customer, we hope you’ll say “Wow!”. That’s not only for the awesome scooters there, but also for the showroom environment and overall shopping experience.

The local scooter dealer that wins Best Showroom this year is…

NIU Flagship Bergamo (Italy)!

Stellar job! We hope our readers have a chance to visit sometime; it’s quite the experience at NIU Flagship Bergamo!

Our honorable mention recipients for Best Showroom are NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy (Spain) and NIU Premium Store: E-Scootermax (Netherlands)!


Best Customer Service

At NIU, our riders come first. They are the reason we are so passionate about redefining urban mobility and making life better. This award is special for us because our customers really mean so much!

And the winner of Best Customer Service in 2021 is…

NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy (Spain)!

Congratulations, team! You really understand why our users are at the heart of what we do.

Two more dealers who really put a smile on our customers’ faces are NIU Flagship Lisbon (Portugal) and NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Belgium)!


Best Technical Service

NIU Flagship Antwerp service
Best Technical Service 2021: NIU Flagship Antwerpen

This local scooter dealer is really the best when it comes to technical knowledge. They are masters of scooter service and keeping our customers happy and safe along their scooter journey.

This year, the Best Technical Service Award goes to…

NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Belgium)!

Nicely done! They truly know the ins and outs of NIU products, and it shows!

We also have to mention two other tech geeks who excelled this year: NIU Premium Store: MOBILIZE (Switzerland) and NIU Flagship London (UK)!


Best NIU Academy

NIU Academy is our online learning platform for NIU dealers and partners, and this next award is given to the dealer who has done all their homework! They really take their studies seriously, and we have given them an A+ in NIU-ology.

The Best NIU Academy Award in 2021 will be given to…

NIU Premium Store: Hull (UK)!

Congratulations on your diploma at NIU Academy! We know you’ll continue doing great things!

Two more students on the NIU Academy Dean’s List include NIU Store: Nicosia (Cyprus) and NIU Flagship Edinburgh (UK)!


The NIUbe

NIU Flagship Edinburgh interior
NIUbe Award 2021: NIU Flagship Edinburgh

The NIUbe Award recognizes the best scooter dealers who have risen from zero to hero throughout the year, creating a name for themselves even though they may be a relatively recent member to the NIU family!

The 2021 NIUbe Award goes to…

NIU Flagship Edinburgh (UK)!

We have recognized NIU Flagship Edinburgh in many categories this year, so it makes sense they would be the standout NIUbe!

Of course, we can’t forget to mention two other excellent NIUbes: NIU Flagship Lisbon (Portugal) and NIU Flagship Malaga (Spain)!


People’s Choice Award

NIU Flagship Antwerpen storefront
People’s Choice Award 2021: NIU Flagship Antwerpen

If you thought our picks were great, then just wait for the People’s Choice Award! We polled our riders to ask them which dealers were their favorite in 2021, and although many were recognized, a few names quickly rose to the top.

The 2021 People’s Choice is awarded to…

NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Belgium)!

They are truly the cream of the best local scooter dealers crop, when it comes to the love of our users! Great job!

The People’s Choice Award honorable mentions also include NIU Store: Nicosia (Cyprus) and NIU Premium Store: MOBILIZE (Switzerland)!



Thank you once again to all of our wonderful local scooter dealers around the world! We appreciate all of your hard work and hope to see you on this list next year as well!

Another thank you to our NIU Club riders, wherever you are, for making the NIU Dealer Awards a success and sharing your feedback with us!

Happy riding!

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