G’Day Evee

Electric car rental service Evee is “expanding big.” Its taking its EV sharing model out of five Australian capital cities, and instead offering a broader range of all-electric models, including the latest Tesla model.

Gogoro Global

Gogoro has always seen itself as a platform company, with the ultimate goal of providing a turnkey solution for energy-efficient vehicles. Now with the launch of GoShare, its new vehicle-sharing platform, and partnerships with manufacturers such as Yamaha, Gogoro is ready to go global.

The Final Mile

What’s your favorite last-mile solution? Check out the Top 10 most innovative forms. P.s. the Robots are coming.

The Battle for Berlin

The German capital’s reputation as a cyclist’s paradise has naturally attracted lots of rental-bike companies. Recently, electric scooters have joined this intriguing battle. The fight for this new market has begun.

The Next Big Thing?

As calls to fight climate change ring out around the world, eMobility has come into vogue. This video of a new zero-emissions vehicle is now hoping to turn heads.

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