Tigor Vigor

Tata motors has big plans upcoming as they are planning to release 5 electric cars in the next year in a half. This stems from India’s incentive for more earth-friendly vehicles and anti-pollution policies.

Truck Yeah!

Daimler is now in the E-truck revolution. The Mercedes-Benz owned company is releasing an electric package truck to lower CO2 emmisions stemming from warehouse to factory trips

Pavement Paradise

Urban electric, a British company, has created electric vehicle charges that spring up from the pavement. These sidewalk charging stations will increase public charging spots without effect the flow of pedestrian traffic.


“Happiness” is not just a state of mind, but it is the name of an electric Ferry in Taiwan. The ferry carries over 4,000 passengers a day, saving carbon precious carbon emissions. The electric and hybrid boat industry is predicted to boom in the next 10 years.

Drone Post

UPS is finally putting its hat in the mix as a drone delivery service. It has filed for certification from the FAA for its air-delivery subsidiary. They will rival mega companies such as google and amazon as all expand their drone technology.

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