2020 was a difficult year for many, and it was no exception for our local NIU dealers. Now that the year has come to an end, it’s time for us to recognize which local scooter dealers were able to persevere and thrive during unprecedented times.

The NIU dealer network spans over 1,100 stores in 45 countries! They assist our customers in neighborhoods all over the globe, providing friendly and convenient service for all of our users, wherever they may be.

The NIU Dealer Awards 2020 is our way of celebrating the accomplishments of these local NIU dealers across the world. We have chosen these stellar winners based on a variety of factors: sales, community building, customer service, user choice, and more.

Without further ado, let’s start giving out some awards!


NIU Dealer Awards banner

Best Dealer

NIU Flagship Milan staff celebrate its opening
Best Dealer 2020: NIU Flagship Milan

This award goes to the best all-around NIU dealer in 2020. This local scooter dealer does it all! They know what their local NIU community needs, whether it be customer service, building relationships, test drives, marketing, or anything else. They are a shining example for others to follow. The Best Dealer Award of 2020 goes to…

NIU Flagship Milan (Milan, Italy)!

Congratulations to the whole team at NIU Flagship Milan for being an all-around stellar store!

We also want to recognize two great runner-up candidates for the Best Dealer Award: NIU Premium Store Nürnberg (Nuremberg, Germany) and NIU Flagship London (London, UK)! Awesome job!


Best Seller

NIU Flagship London scooter dealer storefront
Best Seller 2020: NIU Flagship London

This next local NIU scooter dealer really knows what our riders want! The Best Seller award goes to the store who has the highest sales in 2020. They are no slouch; they can thrive when times are tough! Let’s give a big round of applause for the winner of Best Seller Award in 2020:

NIU Flagship London (London, UK)!

The team at NIU Flagship London has really done a fantastic job with sales this year. Nicely done!

We also have two solid runner-up candidates for the Best Seller Award: NIU Flagship Milan (Milan, Italy) and NIU Flagship Paris Tour Eiffel (Paris, France)!


Best Overall Growth

NIU Premium Store Stromfahrzeuge storefront with scooters
Best Overall Growth 2020: NIU Premium Store Stromfahrzeuge

Just like the Best Seller, the Best Overall Growth category demonstrates which local scooter dealers have really thrived in 2020. Compared to 2019, this dealer went above and beyond to increase their sales at a higher rate than any other candidate. Take a moment to admire the meteoric rise of this year’s Best Overall Growth Award winner:

NIU Premium Store: Stromfahrzeuge (Waldneukirchen, Austria)!

We thank everyone at Stromfahrzeuge for their stellar efforts!

Some other standout candidates for Best Overall Growth are NIU Premium Store Nürnberg (Nuremberg, Germany) and NIU Flagship Milan (Milan, Italy)!


Best Accessories Seller

A scooter inside NIU Premium Store OTR Service in the Netherlands
Best Accessories Seller 2020: NIU Premium Store O.T.R. Service

Obviously electric scooters are great, but what is a NIU scooter without some awesome accessories to go with it? Helmets, gloves, top cases — these are just the beginning. This next award winner understands that our riders love to customize their experience to meet their own needs. The Best Accessories Seller Award in 2020 goes to…

NIU Premium Store: O.T.R. Service (Geldrop, Netherlands)!

We are proud of the team at O.T.R. Service for providing such a unique experience — great job!

These two runner-up candidates also understand the importance of accessorizing — they are NIU Flagship Málaga (Málaga, Spain) and NIU Premium Store: NIU Store Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)!


Best Test Drive Recruiter

Scooters inside NIU Premium Store OTR Service in the Netherlands
Best Test Drive Recruiter 2020: NIU Premium Store O.T.R. Service

Whether it’s the smooth acceleration, the zippy speed, or the fresh breeze, most of us already know that you need a test drive to fully experience what a NIU scooter has to offer. But this dealer understands that better than anyone! The 2020 award for Best Test Drive Recruiter goes to…

NIU Premium Store: O.T.R. Service (Geldrop, Netherlands)!

Congratulations on filling those test drive seats, team!

We also want to recognize these great runners-up for their efforts as well: NIU Flagship Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK) and NIU Premium Store: Elmo Elektrische Mobiliteit (Grootebroek, Netherlands)!


Best Marketing Initiative

Scooters outside of NIU Flagship Milan
Best Marketing Initiative 2020: NIU Flagship Milan

This next dealer has a creative touch when it comes to marketing. They really know how to highlight the standout features of NIU scooters and get the word out to their local audience! The Best Marketing Initiative for 2020 is awarded to…

NIU Flagship Milan (Milan, Italy)!

Way to go, NIU Flagship Milan team!

We certainly won’t forget to mention two other awesome marketing champions for 2020: NIU Flagship Roma (Rome, Italy) and NIU Flagship Medellín (Medellín, Colombia)!


Best Community Builder

Staff standing outside of NIU Flagship Stockholm with their scooters
Best Community Builder 2020: NIU Flagship Stockholm

Within the NIU Community, we care deeply about our NIU riders. We want them to forge meaningful relationships with each other and feel a true sense of belonging with their fellow scooter riders. The Best Community Builder Award is for a local scooter dealer who understands this as well, and it belongs to…

NIU Flagship Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden)!

Awesome job! We really appreciate your work to build these important connections with our riders, team!

Two runner-up candidates that have also done extensive work to build up their local communities are NIU Flagship Roma (Rome, Italy) and NIU Flagship Kathmandu (Kathmandu, Nepal)!


Best Showroom

Inside the NIU Flagship Amsterdam East's showroom
Best Showroom 2020: NIU Flagship Amsterdam East

When considering an electric scooter purchase, the shopping experience is important. Our next winner has achieved a next level retail environment with a wide range of NIU scooter models on display, while still keeping the customer in mind. The award for Best Showroom in 2020 goes to…

NIU Flagship Amsterdam East (Amsterdam, Netherlands)!

Way to go! The NIU Flagship Amsterdam East team really knows how to make our customers feel at home!

Two more excellent showroom experiences that deserve an honorable mention are NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium) and NIU Flagship Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal)!


Best Customer Service

Ezra from the NIU Flagship in Antwerp
Best Customer Service 2020: NIU Flagship Antwerp

Of course, where would we be without our wonderful customers? In order to win Best Customer Service, this dealer really understands how to take care of our riders from A to Z. Our customers are sure to leave this store with a smile on their face! The winner of Best Customer Service for 2020 is…

NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)!

Let’s give their team a big round of applause for always putting our riders first!

We definitely need to mention two more shining examples of customer service from our local NIU scooter dealers list: NIU Premium Store: Scootfix (Zwijdrecht, Netherlands) and NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy (Barcelona, Spain)!


Best Technical Service

The storefront of NIU Flagship scooter store in Antwerp
Best Technical Service 2020: NIU Flagship Antwerp

If you need scooter service, they are here to help! This award is given to the local scooter dealer who constantly provides outstanding technical service to their customers. This team is sure to provide the best care for your NIU scooter and make sure you’re back on the road in no time! The Best Technical Service of 2020 is from…

NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium)!

Wow! Not only can they take great care of their customers, but they also take great care of the scooters as well!

And let’s not forget two more awesome technical service providers in our local scooter dealer network: NIU Premium Store: MOBILIZE (Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland) and Motos Bordoy (Barcelona, Spain)!


Best NIU Academy

Logo of Orthuber eMobile NIU Store
Best NIU Academy 2020: Orthuber eMobile

This award is reserved for the smartest student in NIU Academy, our online learning platform for local scooter dealers. This year’s winner has shown an exceptional desire to learn about NIU and our entire line of electric scooters. The award for Best NIU Academy in 2020 goes to…

NIU Premium Store: Orthuber emobile (Neunkirchen, Austria)!

Congratulations on being the coolest kid in school!

Two more students on the NIU Academy honor roll include NIU Premium Store: Volts Angels (Kassel, Germany) and NIU Premium Hull (Hull, UK)!


The NIUbe

Outside the NIU Premium Store in Hull, UK
NIUbe 2020: NIU Premium Store Hull

We love to recognize the up-and-comers! That’s exactly what the NIUbe Award is all about: from zero to hero. They may have recently joined the NIU family but they are already making waves! The 2020 NIUbe Award is for:

NIU Premium Hull (Hull, UK)!

Well done leaving a great first impression, NIU Premium Hull team!

We also want to share two other great NIUbe candidates for this year: NIU Flagship Porto (Porto, Portugal) and NIU Flagship Genova (Genoa, Italy)!


People’s Choice Award

Celebrating an event at NIU Store Escootermax
People’s Choice Awards 2020: Escootermax

Perhaps one of the greatest honors a local scooter dealer can receive is the adoration of our riders. The People’s Choice Award is all about that! So who took the prize and earned the love of our rider community? The 2020 People’s Choice Award goes to…

NIU Premium Store: E-Scootermax (Almere, Netherlands)!

Stellar job winning the hearts of our users! You’ve earned it, team!

It’s important to mention two other local dealers who really struck a chord with our riders — NIU Premium Store: MOBILIZE (Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland) and Litio Mobilità – Pietralata (Rome, Italy)!



We want to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful local scooter dealers across the globe! Even if you were not one of our winners or runners-up this year, we recognize your hard work and commitment to the NIU family! We are very proud!

We also appreciate our users who have helped us make our local scooter dealer network a great success! Thank you for reading!

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