The Tesla tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center

Twin Tesla Tunnels Under Vegas

The Boring Company, created by Elon Musk, is in charge of an ambitious project to improve the mobility of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) visitors.  The LVCC loop consists in two twins tunnels we called the Tesla tunnels, that connect each side of the Last Vegas Convention Center. The network LVCC loop measures 1,6 kilometers and  each vehicle that circulates inside it can welcome 16 people. From a 15 minutes commute time, people will reach the other side of the LVCC in only a minute with this new technology. Both tunnels excavation has just been achieved and the Tesla tunnels is expected to be available in January 2021.

Stop Disturbing the Fish

Templar Marina, a Canadian’s eboat manufacturer, just announced its new Picnic series. Dedicated to the private sector the 10-seater’s price is 32,737 euros. The boat measures only 6 meters and the battery last 6 hours continuous cruising range at 5 knots. UltimMark Fry, Templar’s CEO, declared the Picnic can help families save $150 per day on fuel for gas boat.

The Tesla tunnels and Amazon mobile robots
Amazon uses robots in warehouse

My Coworker is a Robot 

In warehouses, autonomous mobile robots are emerging to boost productivity and are working hand-in-hand with human workers. Hybrid human-robot interaction is raising. This Robot as a service (RaaS) technology has been acquired by Amazon. They chose a company focused on camera-based navigation and object detection. In 2030, 200k autonomous mobile robots should have been sold to facilitate warehouses management.

Denmark Making its Mark

Since 2008, the European Green Leaf Awards have been rewarding the greenest cities. But what is a “green city”? The Awards recognizes as green cities those that are actively attempting to make urban environments healthier place to live. The finalists of the 2021 contest are Elsinore (Denmark), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Lappeenranta (Finland), Nyborg (Denmark) and Ringkobing-Skjern (Denmark).  The Green Awards highlights new european ideas and actions take for urban sustainability and eco-innovation. The Award Ceremony will take place later in 2020 in Lisbon, the current European Green Capital, and the winner will receive €75,000.

Paris Convention Center Farm Rooftop
More Leafs?

We Are Rooting for You

The Paris Convention Center is building a 14.000 meters square farm on its roof. Thirties species of fruits and

vegetables will be cultivated on this green rooftop with the goal to provide the nearby restaurants and schools canteens. The products will be sold and citizens will also have the opportunity to rent plots of lands to plant their own  seeds. This two football fields large project should be ready for 2022 and is handed by Nature Urbaine for a cost of €700.000.

“Our project is to produce vegetables inside the city following seasons as well as reconnect citizens to their food.”

Auriane Roussel, Nature Urbaine spokesperson


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