Paris’ biggest public transit strike in over a decade recorded 291-kilometers of traffic snarl-ups during last Friday morning’s “rush” hour: double the normal level of congestion.

Prime Time EV

Electric vehicle start-up company Rivian Automotive has an agreement to fill the largest order of fully electric vehicles in automotive history. The EV start-up will build 100,000 electric vans for e-commerce giant Amazon in the next decade. The first batch of vans is expected to hit U.S. roadways by 2021.

Invisible Geofence

Cities across California have followed Santa Monica’s lead in limiting the type and number of micro-mobility devices that move inside their borders. Many are now testing the limits of a technology called geofencing to remotely enforce speed, parking restrictions and dead zones.


eMobility startup Lime is shutting down LimePod, its car-sharing service launched last year in Seattle. Lime will start removing its vehicles from the streets of Seattle next month, and will fully collapse the service by the end of 2019.

Ferdinand Porsche

Prof. Ferdinand Porsche, later the founder of the company of his namesake, was fascinated by electricity. 100 years on, his ideas are coming to fruition. This week’s video content features the Lohner Porsche: the world’s first hybrid car.


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