Ten and counting… welcome to Friday Five! This week we’re diving into Volvo’s decision back in July to stop producing petrol cars. We’ll also be checking out some of the most exciting public transit systems in the world. Plus, if you’re interested in tires, be sure to watch the super cool video at the end.

  1. Cool Commutes presents: West Virginia…?
    Ever wondered which citizens get to have the coolest commutes? From Medellin to Morgantown WV, this blog post explores the coolest of the cool. Warning, don’t read if you’re prone to jealousy.
  2. Volvo is taking a gamble
    Volvo is betting on the electric transportation market. Starting in 2019, they will only make hybrid or electric cars. They’re following expert’s predictions about the electric market’s explosion. We think they’re making a good bet.
  3. How will Volvo’s choice impact electricity?
    This question was on people’s mind following Volvo’s exciting announcement. In response, The Guardian published an interesting article about how countries will respond to EV’s. Expect to spend a lot less time at gas stations!
  4. A transformation is coming
    A digital transformation that is. Our friends at Bosch highlight how the Asian IoT market is exploding. At Niu, we’re lucky enough to be headquartered in Beijing and we’re taking advantage of this transformation.
  5. Get excited for… Tires!
    No joke, Goodyear’s concept tire is awesome. With mag-lev technology and a biomicry-inspired tread, it definitely makes driving a whole lot cooler. Click the link for a short video describing everything.

Current Event:
Paris just announced a ban on petrol cars by 2030… The future is almost here.

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