Japan is considering subsidies for purchases of ultracompact electric vehicles. The aim is to promote their use as an alternative to full-size cars amid an increase in traffic accidents involving elderly drivers.

Howd-E Cowboy

Revel’s electric moped expansion is spreading across the US. The latest city to get the speedy little EVs is Austin, Texas. The move has come in light of new eMoped-friendly legislation.

Seat eScooter

As part of the Spanish firm’s attempts to become a leader in urban mobility solutions and fight congestion, Seat is developing an eScooter in collaboration with Barcelona-based motorcycle maker Silence.

Waste Not Want Not

With Electric vehicles (EVs) catching on faster than even before, an inevitable pile of spent lithium-ion batteries that once powered those cars is also rising fast. However, there is keen interest in a profitable business on battery recycling: recycled material and second life batteries can generate a market worth more than $6 billion, based on current metal prices.

Commercial Charging

With the number of units on the road set to exceed 38 million by 2025, there is a huge demand for EV-charging infrastructure. Drivers who don’t have a convenient private driveway available will have to turn to the workplace and commercial charging to fulfill their juicing needs.






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