UPS x Arrival

A newcomer electric-vehicle company has won a contract to electrify some of the world’s largest delivery fleets. UPS last week announced that it’s investing in the UK commercial electric-vehicle maker Arrival, and will be ordering 10,000 electric delivery vehicles from the company. 

Seven Heaven

With urban mobility at the forefront on how to smarten cities in 2020, check out these seven urban mobility trends to look out for this year. Which one most resonates with you?

Plump Bird

Bird has announced that it will acquire Circ, a leading electric scooter rental business, which operates in 40 cities across 14 European countries in Europe and the Middle East. The acquisition is the latest sign of consolidation among e-scooter companies as the quest for a profitable business model intensifies.

Lithium Rush

Germany will seek talks with Bolivia’s next government to revive a deal to exploit jointly huge lithium reserves in the Andean country, as it works to secure supplies for production of electric cars in Europe’s largest economy, officials said.

MINI Electric

The old British classic, now manufactured by BMW, has gone electric. Make a power move and watch their trailer for the modernized model of the old favorite.

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