Hey everyone and welcome to Friday Five! We’re comparing electric motors and gas engines this week (guess which one is better?), but we’re also addressing people’s concerns about electric batteries. Let’s get started!

  1. EV vs Petro
    ‘In the left corner we have electric motors and in the right corner we have gas engines!!!’ That’s probably not as dramatic as we like to think it is, but former Tesla engineer Dustin Grace breaks down this ‘epic’ matchup.
  2. When your EV goes to car heaven
    Some people are concerned about what to do with an old battery from an electric car or scooter. While Niu’s batteries are incredible, they won’t last forever. The good news? Li-ion batteries have a lot of value when recycled.
  3. $38.6 Billion
    That’s the projected market size for electric scooters by 2024. Last week we talked about the electric vehicle market, but we think the electric scooter market is even more exciting. Whose heart doesn’t beat a little faster at the sound of $38.6 billion?
  4. A busing start-up boom…
    In America, inter-city bus transportation feels outdated; because it is. Or at least that’s what Armir Harris thinks. He’s the founder of Shofur which is trying to revolutionize the busing industry with new technology and more comfort. Maybe one day we’ll see some electric motors in those buses?!
  5. How to make renewable energy go mainstream?
    Answer: batteries. Check out MIT professor Dustin Grace explain how his invention, the liquid metal battery, will make wind and solar energy a reliable part of the electric grid.

Current Event:
According to Forbes, the low cost of EV ownership now beats owning a petrol car.


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