Getting Militant

What constitutes an ‘electric scooter’ is beginning to reach more unique transportation niches. The latest development has seen the US Army testing out a unique four-wheeled electric scooter known as the EZRaider. The US Army is using the AEWE to conduct a series of war games and dummy battles: designed to give soldiers the opportunity to test out new and experimental equipment.


Hyundai has taken on a Los Angeles startup to help create a “skateboard” platform. The South Korean auto giant wants to use it for a range of lower-cost electric cars and trucks. As part of the tech partnership, Canoo, will work with Hyundai to modify the flat platform created for its futuristic vehicle that integrates the battery pack, motors and other key components. Hyundai isn’t directly investing in Canoo, rather parting with an undisclosed fee for its engineering services. 

A Vicious Cycle

Sustainable transport will overtake car usage in the world’s biggest cities by 2030, according to new research. It claims private car journeys in global hubs would decrease by 10% over the next decade, as 36.7 million urbanites change the way they travel. Manchester, in Britain. would undergo the biggest transformation within the coming 10 years, with Moscow and Sao Paulo expected to see the next biggest shifts in transport usage.

High-Speed Fail

For the country that invented the railway system, Great Britain is doing a great job of reversing its fine work. Despite Britain’s railways being the envy of many North Americans, the U.K. still has some way to go before it catches up with the high-speed train services of its continental EU neighbours. However, that’s set to change. A controversial high-speed rail project, HS2, was green-lighted by the U.K. government this week that would connect Britain’s four largest cities.

Here Here Now

Here Mobility’s Liad Itzhak explains in this short video interview his firm’s unique proposition: creating an impartial ‘operating system’ for transportation across the globe. Mr Itzhak was speaking at this week’s Move 2020 event in London, where leaders discussed the future of urban mobility and solutions to ever-growing issues.


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