At only 16, Ewan is The UK’s youngest NIU rider. He saved money with the dream of buying a NIU. Let’s listen to his story.

Niu's youngest rider
Ewan and its NIU

“Two years ago, I started my first job at the local supermarket. I saved all my money unsure of what I wanted to spend it on, but I knew I wanted to get something different that nobody else had.

One day I was searching how old you have to be to own and ride a scooter in the UK. After I found out the age you had to be 16, I knew that’s what I wanted. Every evening when I got home from school, I started looking at different bikes, researching all the features, and having a look for how much they cost.

They cost a lot of money for my age, but I knew it was worth it and it was reachable target after some hard work. One year in and I got a small pay rise which helped out massively.

One night after school I was looking at some electric scooters, the price range was in my budget, so I knew now that I could afford an electric scooter! But I didn’t know what scooter, so after more extensive research, I found NIU e-scooter’s brand, the NIU MQi+ fitting all my needs. 50cc equivalent? Yup. Lightweight? Yup, Look good? Yup. I now had my mindset on it, my biggest target yet! So… I put in some extra shifts, worked hard, and pushed myself.

Soon the day had come to buy my scooter. It was a very exciting day although I hadn’t done my CBT training yet or paid for my insurance. So, it had to sleep in the garage for a little while before I could ride. One month later, it was the day to do my CBT, also a very new and exciting experience as it was my first time on the road. Ever.

Had a great day doing it and learnt a lot, including how to do a safety check on a petrol scooter, no use on an electric one as you don’t have to check the oil and other pollution contraptions. And I just about made it back home in time to have lunch, pay for my insurance and run to work!

The next day was the first actual time I was legally allowed to ride my scooter on the road, a little nerve-racking  but a great time! I had some more practice with my dad in front on his noisy petrol scooter before I was allowed to ride it without anyone with me. My goal was completed and I’m now riding around my city (Coventry) on my NIU MQi+ Sport.

I use it mostly for commuting to work and school and for going to the shops to get things. I have done around 700+ miles and climbing. I’ve just ordered a NIU phone holder and cover for it.

Currently the youngest rider with a NIU in the UK! Thanks Malcolm’s NISA LTD and thanks NIU Mobility. Only got to save up for the NIU NQi GT Pro now! “

What about you? Do you know your country’s youngest NIU rider?

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