Welcome back to the Friday Five! In this week’s issue, we’re looking at the future of transportation. We’ve got the latest scoop on who’s leading the charge on public transportation, the cutting edge of battery technology, Uber’s quest to be the Amazon of transportation, and why going electric may be your best bet if you want to save time. Last but not least, take a peek into a bustling Eastern European capital that’s just begging to be explored by scooter. Enjoy!


  1. China’s Underground Growth

You hear a lot about economic growth in China, but its subway system is growing even faster! These days, no other country is investing in its transportation and infrastructure quite like China. They’re looking to avoid the pollution and congestion associated with cars by focusing on efficient public transit on a massive scale.


  1.  The Future of Battery Technology?

From deep within the mind of American material scientist Michael Zimmerman comes the solid-state polymer battery. This new battery technology is safer, higher performing, and cheaper than any existing battery technology on the market today. Could polymer be the future of electric mobility?


  1. Uber Wants More

Will Uber become the Amazon of transportation? We all know Uber as a ride-hailing company, but with the acquisition of Jump, a dockless bike-share company last week, Uber now has extended its reach into a spectrum of mobility segments, including food delivery, car rental, mass transit mobile payment, and trucking. Uber certainly wants to make sure it has a seat at the as the global transportation network changes.


  1. Need a charge? No Problem!

Good question. This links back to the Irish article because of the problems of a lack of EV charging stations in residential areas. Perhaps if one vehicle was shared then parking and charging would no longer be an issue. Fleet Europe make 5 key arguments made to suggest ‘yes’, including the overarching theme to make cities cleaner and better places to live.


  1. Unlock Your City – Budapest

Budapest, Hungary is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With its magnificent historical architecture, unique neighbourhoods, and diverse neighbourhoods, it’s a modern metropolis whose roots go back nearly 2,000 years. Fun fact; did you know that the name Budapest is a combination of Buda, and Pest, which are the two halves of the city separated by the Danube river?



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