One-stop shop

Uber is adding public transportation schedules and directions to its app in London in an attempt to become an all-in-one service for all modes of transportation.


Recharge whilst you drive

A pilot project for an electric highway has begun in Sweden, where 1.6km of test track is being rolled out. In theory, each vehicle could travel for limitless autonomy should the infrastructure prove successful.


DENSO invests $20m in Bond Mobility

The world’s second largest mobility supplier, DENSO, has bought a $20m stake in California based Bond Mobility Inc. DENSO is the world’s only speed eBike sharing company that delivers high-performance micromobility services.


Fear not

Still not convinced on electric? Find out the answers to people’s most common reservations on EVs including the price of vehicles, where you can charge, charging times and the wider environmental costs of manufacturing them.


Li-Ion Technology

Ever wondered how a Lithium-ion battery functions? Here is a video of the science behind how they are powered.

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