The Friday Five highlights the most exciting developments in the world of urban mobility. We’ll be taking a closer look at cities, companies, sharing platforms, and more. Enjoy!

First Impressions

Taking a taxi is part of everyday urban life for most. In Japan, taxis have begun using in-vehicle facial recognition to target you specifically with ads. 

Need more juice?

Google has announced that it should be able to save your precious time with its new Google Maps update: allowing real-time information about EV charging stations  from Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect.

Electric and Green

Minimizing the energy consumed in energy production is crucial to producing EVs. Solar cells now reduce Audi’s EV plant’s total grid-based electricity consumption by 95%.

Range Anxiety?

Wiebe Wakker has arrived in Sydney, after driving there in an electric car from Amsterdam over the course of almost three years. He travelled 95,000 km across 33 countries and relied on offers from volunteers for charging points. He wanted to demonstrate the capacity and reliability of electric cars.

Carbon fee if you’re not Carbon free

Microsoft have announced that they will nearly double their internal carbon fee to $15 per metric ton on all carbon emissions. This internal “tax” was established in 2012 to hold their business divisions financially responsible for reducing their carbon emissions. 

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