Green Light

After 9 months of successful piloting, Revel, an electric scooter sharing project based in New York, has been given the go ahead to expand its growingly popular eScooter sharing service. 68 trial scooters will be increased to over 1,000 units in more than 20 neighborhoods across New York.


Shipping between Swedish ports creates more air pollution and greenhouses gases than domestic flights. Find out how XShore are building luxury electric boats to prevent maritime pollution.


A compact, technologically advanced country like Singapore should be at the forefront of the global electric vehicle revolution. Why isn’t it?

Watts the worry?

By 2040, Ottawa wants every new vehicle sold to be free of carbon emissions. Are their power grids ready for such a surge in EVs?


An electric hydrofoil board that lets you fly over open water. The board offers a silent, maintenance-free way to enjoy water-sports: à la électrique.


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