Welcome to Friday Five and this week we’ll be looking at some batteries that our friends at Panasonic are working on. Plus, if you’re looking to hit the books, we’ve got a great read for you at the end.

  1. First, a shout out to France
    We’ve talked about countries going electric in past posts, but we wanted to give France some kudos because they’re banning gas cars by 2040. Experts are calling this the onset of an electric car revolution.
  2. Beyond lithium
    The smart guys and gals in Panasonic’s research lab are working on a solid-state battery that would increase range and decrease charging time for electric cars and scooters. Panasonic also makes Niu’s battery packs so we’re excited to see what else they’re working on.
  3. Definitions please!
    Voltage, Amp, Electrochemistry. We’ve thrown a lot of really neat information and news at you about batteries over the past 13 weeks, but we never defined battery terms…
  4. The best ambulance? Two wheels
    That’s right, listen to Eli Beer explain how his motorcycle ambulance treated 207,000 people in Israel last year. Here at Niu, we love two-wheeled ingenuity.
  5. Rethinking suburbs
    Suburban Remix is a great book about how suburbs are evolving. People don’t want to commute for an hour every day, and the suburbs are responding. Read about how they are becoming places to live, work, play, and invest!
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