Welcome to week 14 of Friday Five! Up first we have an awesome video explaining how the Hyperloop works. We’re also looking at what’s going on in the EV world across Europe and China. Plus, we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to give Barcelona another shout out. Enjoy.

  1. What’s super cool and 1000km/hr fast? 
    The Hyperloop! The guys at ColdFushion put together a great video that explains the science behind the Hyperloop, and how it’s going to connect our cities.
  2. Here are the best European countries
    For electric cars and scooters that is. France, Germany, Norway, The UK, and The Netherlands all made the list. See who came out on top.
  3. China wants some love too
    And they deserve it because back in June, a Tesla factory in Shanghai was announced This is because the electric car and scooter market in China is exploding. We’re thankful Niu gets to be positioned right in the middle of it.
  4. Electric motors have one company to thank… Bosch
    Bosch has been at the forefront of electric motors from the beginning and they’re not backing down. It’s no wonder we put Bosch’s motors in our Niu scooters.
  5. Smart City Barcelona
    City planners are taking advantage of the Internet of Things and optimizing everything from public transportation and parking to waste management. We understand the benefit of IoT at Niu. Keep doing your thing Barcelona!
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