This week’s Friday Five is all about optimism. With the EV industry booming, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this global green push. We’re looking at new technologies in tires and the aerospace industry and giving you a snapshot of the current market with steadily growing sales. And don’t forget, if you’re looking into buying an EV, there could be a discount in your future!


Smarter Tires

Goodyear have unveiled a new line of tires specifically designed for EVs. This new rubber is better suited to an electric car’s power delivery and weight, and better the driving experience by increasing range and reducing driving noise. It’s great to see the automotive industry embracing the electric revolution!


EVs go Airborne

Aviation startup Zunum have are developing a hybrid-powered airplane. Using a similar method found in some cars, the plane has a large battery and an on-board gas-powered generator that restores the range of the battery when necessary. The company predicts they can reduce noise by 75 percent and fuel costs by 40 to 80 percent.


Governments Going Green

In Febrary of this year, China announced new government incentives to electric car manufacturers. Looking to promote electric vehicle development and sales, the government upped its subsidy from 44,000 to 50,000 yuan for electric cars with a range of over 400km. With this trend growing around the world, it’s a great time to buy an EV.


EV Market Going Strong

The global EV market is poised to grow from 1.2 million sales in 2017 to 1.6 million this year. That is great news for the future of the planet. As gas-powered vehicles are gradually phased out, we can look towards a greener future.


Unlock Your City: Mexico City

Known in Spanish as Ciudad de Mexico or DF (District Federal), Mexico City has it all. Incredible food (don’t miss Tacos Al Pastor), museums, nightlife, and culture all call this Central American capital home. Well worth the visit!

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