Welcome to the Friday Five. Man, have things flown by. This week we’re looking at some companies, new and old, that are embracing and impacting the electric car and scooter market. Let’s get rolling.

  1. The mobility of charging stations
    Re-charging your EV is a concern of most, but for employees of LinkedIn, it just got a lot easier. The company’s rolling out a portable charging station that employees can use when they’re at work. 
  2. Speaking of easy of charging…
    China is committed to embracing the EV revolution. They have an estimated 1 charging station for every 7 cars which far out paces the rest of the world. To make things even easier, we added removable batteries in our Niu scooters. 
  3. BMW wants to help start-ups 
    BMW recently created a Startup Garage aimed at allowing transportation companies that focus on areas like electric and connected mobility to collaborate with BMW’s expertise. It’s awesome to see BMW working to improve the industry. 
  4. GM and Uber… an unlikely friendship
    As both companies prepare for a future with ride-hailing and car-sharing a part of everyday life, these two giants teamed up in Australia to test renting cars to Uber drivers. We’ll keep an eye on this see how it turns out. 
  5. Siri on a bus?
    Well it’s not quite Siri… it’s Olli. Olli is an autonomous, smart, electric, self-driving mini bus that’s being tested at National Harbor in DC. Check out this video to see it (or him!) in action.
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