Hey everyone and welcome to the Friday Five! This week we’re going to be exploring some exciting things related to the Internet of Things. And as always, we have a cool video for you at the bottom about the high cost of something you think is free. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

  1. Cars and the Cloud
    More and more vehicles are being connected to the cloud through the Internet of Things. Our friends at Tech Crunch break down how connected cars work and the industry that’s forming around it. 
  2. IoT cars by the numbers
    These smart cars of the future are already started to impact markets and companies’ profits. Check out this article from Business Insider that highlights some interesting smart car graphs
  3. Want more info?
    The New York Times has a whole section on their website dedicated to electric and hybrid cars. They post some great articles and editorials there, so if you’re interested in buying an electric car or scooter, or if you’re just interested in the market, check it out. 
  4. Uber vs. Public Transit
    This start-up is choosing public transportation. Transloc is building an app to allow cities to find out where public transit riders actually want to go. 
  5. It’s not as free as you thought
    Vox put out a great video highlighting how free parking is taking up expensive land. But as consumers shift towards scooters and ride-sharing, we can make a change.
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