What’s up everyone? We’ve got a good lineup for you this week! Coming at you are some futuristic battery concepts and other neat info related to your EV. Also, Barcelona is getting a well-deserved shout out at the bottom.

  1. Tired of lithium ion batteries?
    I don’t know why you would be… they’re pretty awesome. But here are some batteries of the future that could on day replace the lithium ion battery. There’s everything from over the air batteries to plant batteries.).
  2. Show me the money
    If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how much lithium ion batteries cost to charge. PodPoint has your answer. Check out this website for US costs.
  3. EVs aren’t just for Europe
    They’re for India too. That’s right, India is getting into the action. Thanks in part to electric scooters and the government embracing EVs, we can’t exclude India from the electric mobility conversation any longer.
  4. But where will I park my EV?
    We think you should check out this cool company. They raised $25 million back in 2013 and now they provide smart, networked parking in cities across America and Europe.
  5. For the Barcelona lovers…
    This video from Vox makes us envious of anyone who lives in Barcelona. They’ve implemented ‘super blocks’ in their city to cut down on the amount of traffic and increase the quality of life for their citizens. That city rocks.

Current Event:
Petrol stations without petrol? Check out what Shell is doing in London.

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