Hey everyone, it’s Friday Five! We’ve got a good one for you this week because we’re updating you on the EV market. Plus, there’s a movie surprise waiting for you at the bottom. Enjoy!

  1. BMW has not one, but two ideas
    By 2026, BMW wants to improve the lithium ion battery in two ways; liquifing and lightening it. The technology still has some ways to come, but here at Niu, we’re excited to see what BMW can do.
  2. Better batteries? Better markets?
    Many hope that with improvements to batteries, prices will fall and the EV market will expand. Here’s a report that sees a bright future for EV’s. It also looks into energy independent vehicles (EIVs) which is an exciting new trend everyone should check out.
  3. Tax credits and rebates!
    Cheaper batteries will come, but in the meantime, governments are making it cheaper to buy EVs today. That’s right, 30+ countries now offer tax incentives or cash bonus programs to help you purchase your electric scooter or vehicle. Check to see if your country is covered.
  4. Seoul to Busan in 20 minutes?
    We’re not making this up. A deal was announced back in June to build a Hyperloop connecting South Korea’s two biggest cities. Hyperloop works like an air hockey table by shooting a pressurized cylinder through a pipe that glides over compressed air. It’s no electric scooter, but your friends at Niu still think it’s awesome.
  5. Movie night
    Normally we like to share a Ted Talk or another cool video with you at the end of the blog post but this week we’re sharing a movie. Two movies to be exact. In 2006, a documentary came out called Who killed the electric car? Well EVs came back to life so another documentary was made. It shows the interesting history behind an exciting industry.

Current Event:
The charging station battle in Europe is just heating up!

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