Hello everyone! Welcome back to NIU’s Friday Five! In this week’s blog, we take a bit of Google, add a pinch of Fisker, together to bring you more EV and tech news. Let’s dive back into the world of EV.


  1. “Okay Google, start bike ride”

Electron’s Gen 2 Wheel is connected to Google’s Assistant to help overcome commuting challenges. Just like NIU scooters, all of your data is sent to your personal app on your phone.


  1. It won’t plug in!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge a Nissan Leaf on a Tesla supercharger? If EV charging stations are going to be mainstream, there needs to be an agreed consensus on plug types in order to keep costs down.


  1. How does temperature affect your EV?

At NIU, we try to make EV easy to understand. Our friends over at Fleetcarma compared the fuel efficiency of a petrol vehicle to electric vehicle in cold temperatures. The takeaway? EV payback improves in cold weather…


  1. Would you trust a self-driving bus?

If you’re planning to visit Stockholm anytime soon, don’t miss the chance to ride their full-electric autonomous buses! This is part of Drive Sweden’s innovation project and is able to carry 11 people at a time.


  1. Innovation driving EVs!

Imagine a vehicle that could enable you to drive 100km on 9 minutes of charging! Introducing the EMotion, Fisker’s luxury electric vehicle, capable of driving 643 km, twice as far as Tesla’s Model S!more than twice as far as Tesla’s twice as far

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