Welcome to this week Friday Five!  We’re diving into some self-driving cars… and planes. Also, the day isn’t too far away when electric car sales will outpace that of petroleum car sales. But first, have you ever wanted to be in a gang?

  1. Moped Army 
    Well it’s not a real gang but this moped group has 20 branches across the US. They help organize and advocate for moped owners. Maybe one day there will be an electric scooter gang…
  2. 54% 
    That’s how many cars will be electric by 2040. The experts came up with that number based on falling battery prices and more and more companies committing to electric cars. Obviously, here at Niu, we’re super excited about these trends.
  3. Forget brakes
    Electric vehicles and scooters save you more than just fuel cost, they also keep maintenance costs why down. How? There’s no need to replace brake pads. In fact, Nissan is releasing a car this year with just one peddle.
  4. What’s better than a self-driving car?
    A self-flying plane of course. This is way out in the future but Airbus is planning to test a self-flying plane by the end of 2017. It seems crazy, but just imagine looking out your office window to see a taxi flying by.
  5. What can Costa Rica teach the world?
    They’re committed to bringing renewable energies mainstream. Listen to Monica Araya talk about how her country is trying to get rid of fossil fuels in all sectors. Their biggest challenge? The transportation sector. Maybe Niu can help with that.


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